Monday, July 21, 2008

What's this??

ooOOOoo... packages... wonder what's in them?

*gasp* Homeschool books! Yay! (If it looks like something is missing, we already had our science and foreign language.)Remember the fun of new notebooks, sharp new crayons and pencils, all the smells of school supplies and books (old and new) and a fresh new school year? We have all that too, we just don't have to leave home. Lizi always gets excited when the new books get here. She has already done a couple of lessons just for fun, but we've decided we won't get started full-time till August 1. It makes me feel like a good teacher when my student is happy to get started with a new year of learning.


Sarah said...

I was shopping yesterday and found myself on the school supply aisle. I 'bout had to chew my arm off to keep myself from putting stuff in my buggy. *sigh* I miss buying school supplies.

Kim Payne said...

ooooohhh... I didn't think of that. You mean I can only buy school supplies for 14 more years?

(For those who don't know Sarah, her youngest just graduated high school.)

Sarah said...

I figured out a way around it.
Kyle's girlfriend is an elementary school teacher! I can buy stuff for HER! (Today I bought stickers!)