Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Simple Christmas stocking

I made some easy Christmas stockings as gift bags for my little preschool class on Wednesday nights. I thought they turned out so cute, I'd show how to make them.

Supplies: I used 9"x12" pieces of felt, a little ribbon, decorations, tailors chalk, and scribbled a stocking pattern. You may trace another stocking if you like.

I wanted small stockings, so I made my pattern to fit 4 on a piece of felt. You can make yours any size or shape that will fit on your felt. Trace around your stocking pattern, leaving a little space between stockings. I put the tops of my stockings on the edge of the felt, so I wouldn't have to worry about getting them straight. Don't cut them out yet.

Pin two pieces of felt together, matching edges, with your traced stockings on top. This is so that you have 2 layers, making a front and a back. Don't cut them out yet.

Stitch on the lines you traced, leaving that bit of space between stockings because you will need to cut there. Obviously, start at the top of a stocking on one side, then stitch all the way around to the top on the other side. This could be done by hand, if you do not have access to a sewing machine.

Now, you may cut them out. Cut about 1/8" away from your stitching, a little less if need be.

Now for the fun part - decorating! We just used simple felt shapes, which we fused with fusible web. They could also be glued with fabric glue. Or you could use something else altogether -other fabrics, paint, glitter - use your imagination!

Stitch a little loop of ribbon at the top for hanging.

Fill with goodies!
(If it's candy, make it all natural, please! For me? :) )


maya said...

kim, that is super cute! you so crafty!

Shelli said...

You've got some great ideas on your blog. I'm totally not a crafty person, but I very much respect those who are.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Means a lot.