Sunday, December 28, 2008

a glimpse of our handmade holiday

While we did have a few "plastic" gifts this Christmas, I was proud that a large portion of the gifts under our tree were handmade.  Some were made by me, and some came from other fine Etsy sellers.  (You can see their shops for better photos than what I have here.)  I really wanted to show these before Christmas, but that would have spoiled the surprise, wouldn't it?

Chad's favorite gift was this coptic bound plaid journal from Highland Books:

Lizi and Lydia got dolls made by the "Mae" pattern from Bit of Whimsy:

Some of Lydia's made-by-mom dress up playthings (her favorite is the kitty cat ears and paws):

Precious prints from rkdsign88 (she is such a wonderful seller too - sent me more extras than what I actually bought!):

Pendants for the girls from Rough Edges, sorry about the glare! (I'll let you guess which girl is the math fanatic):

Cute amigurumi mouse and bunny from The Enchanted Pumpkin:

And does to-be-handmade count?  My sweetie gave these to me:

And there were other gifts I made that got out the door to friends and family before I photographed them; I hope they go on to be well loved!


maya | springtree road said...

looks like the perfect Christmas!


sarah said...

What?? No kittycat modeling??

Kim said...

You DO remember the mitten modeling, right, Sarah?

Sarah said...

OK, OK, granted. I do remember that ... rousing ... success. But hope springs eternal that one day she's gonna LOVE the camera as much as it loves her.

julie brown-zinchuk said...

love, love, all you handmade gifts!
I recently bought one of your are a great with a sewing machine! I posted a photo on my blog.