Sunday, December 20, 2009

fun fruit

As promised, here's another gift-y type thing you can make for your favorite child. Stuffed toy food is big in the world of handmade right now. Here's 4 pieces of fruit, very simple to make. Yes, I know you're smart and could figure this out on your own. Now you don't have to do that.

Here's your patterns, to print out:

You'll need odds and ends of fabrics, and a little felt or ribbon if you want leaves and stems on your fruit.
Cut 2 of each fruit shape out of the appropriate color fabrics. Cut one grape leaf from green felt. Use either felt or bits of ribbon to make the stem and leaf on the apple. (I didn't give you a pattern for that - it's just a rectangle and a leaf shape. You can handle it.) I like to stitch around the edges of the felt to make it a bit stronger, before attaching it to the other fabrics. Of course, the leaves are completely optional, if you'd rather leave them off.
Stitch the leaves to the tops of the apple and grapes.
Now stitch around the fruit pieces, right sides together, with a small seam allowance - about 1/4". Careful not to catch the grape leaf in the seam! Leave an opening for turning in a spot that will be easy to handstitch later - the top of the grapes, side of the apple, banana and orange. Then stitch around them again for good measure, especially if you expect them to get hard wear or if the fabric is loosely woven. When the sewing is done, clip the inward curves and points.
Turn, using a chop stick or something to help get the nooks and crannies out:
Stuff, and hand stitch the openings closed.
And done! Next I'll show you a "market bag" for the fruit, but you can use the principle to make any kind of tote bag.
Don't forget the crayon wallet giveaway - we draw in the morning!

For the simple "market bag" to hold the fruit, see the next post, or click here.

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