Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I didn't do a whole lot of hand-making for the girls' gifts this year, but I did want to share this one with you. It's mostly needle felted, for Lydia.

Needle felting is rather mindless, so it's easy to make up stories about the things you're making. This little girl has a wool felt dress, with a flower embroidered on the front. She has wild curly auburn locks. I'd imagine she often runs out in the morning to pick flowers before her mom has a chance to brush her hair.
Lydia says "Maybe it's me!" So maybe it is.
This is her friend, Birdie. She goes out to visit Birdie when she picks flowers, and maybe brings her a worm or a bug when she finds one.
And she loves to find mushrooms along the way, especially the ones with red caps. The snails eat them, which makes the white polka dots on top.
She also has a little playsilk - will it be a bed, or a picnic blanket, or a tent? Only Lydia knows for sure.

Anyway, that's my folly for the day. Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope it's a blessed day for you!


maya | springtree road said...

wow! excellent work! i hope lydia was as enthralled as i. :)

Kim said...

tee hee - I told Lydia my little story, and she kept saying "Tell more! Tell more!" So I think this will be an ongoing tale. :)

Amy said...

Cute! Love the story just as much as the wee folk, and that's quite a bit.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!