Saturday, December 19, 2009

star wand

Over the next few days, I've planned to post some quick, easy projects that might be made for stocking stuffers or small gifts for children. Today's project is a wand, or whatever you'd like to call it. You can vary the colors, of course, and you could even use different shapes. Hearts would be really cute, I think.

As with all projects, I recommend you read all the way through the instructions before you begin.

If you'd like to use stars, here's a pattern you can print - just click on it and hopefully it will turn out full size. My stars are a little wonky, so if you have a star template you like better, feel free to use yours.

You will also need: felt in your chosen colors - I've used sky blue, purple, and sparkly white; 4 24" pieces of ribbon to coordinate with your felt colors; a 12" length of dowel, mine is 3/16"; and your glue of choice. You'll also need thread, and a sewing machine if you choose. But I think it would be fine hand-sewn, or even glued in a pinch.
Cut 2 big stars, one from each of your chosen colors. Cut 2 small stars of the sparkly white. That's 4 stars in all.

Place the white stars in the centers of the colored stars. Take two pieces of ribbon for one side of your wand and fold in half. Tuck the fold between a white star and colored star and pin, making sure the ribbon streamers come out at the spot marked "dowel" on the pattern. Repeat for the other side.
It should come out looking about like this. At this point, you might want to test and make sure your colored stars are going to line up well when you put them wrong sides together, and adjust if needed.
Now we sew. Topstitch around the edges of the white star. If you start at the lower right point, and end at the lower left point, then that's two lines of stitching across your ribbon to hold it more securely. Repeat for the other side.
When the stitching around the white stars is done, place the two sides wrong sides together, making sure to line up the ribbons.
Now you will topstitch around the edges of the colored stars, being careful to catch them both. Leave an opening large enough for the dowel at the spot marked "dowel" on the pattern. And be sure to hold the ribbons out of the way!
When the sewing is done, test fit to make sure the hole at the bottom is large enough for your dowel. Once you are sure it will fit, put a layer of glue on the end of the dowel and wiggle it into the opening, pushing the dowel all the way to the top point of the star.
And once it dries, you're done! Cute, huh?
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maya | springtree road said...

hey! i think even i could do this! probably not before Christmas, but soon-ish?

i need some felt...