Monday, December 21, 2009

and the winners are...

First of all, let me say that I did not account for the downside of this giveaway. I have 2 crayon wallets to give away, and 22 people who entered, so that means at least 20 children I will not be sending a crayon wallet, plus siblings! That just hurts my heart, people! If I could send one to each and every one, believe me, I would. Thank you all so much for entering and for all your efforts to get the word out - this has been fun, and I believe I shall do it again!

For those who requested that I put some in the Etsy shop: I did stop selling children's items because of the CPSIA; it just became a hassle with all the record keeping and labeling. If you are unfamiliar with CPSIA, I would encourage you to learn more about it from my links there on the right, and then contact your congressmen on behalf of small businesses who are struggling to comply with this ill-written piece of legislation. However, it's been so much fun to make these, I may consider selling some in the near future, even with the CPSIA issues. In the meantime, there are many other Etsy sellers who make them, just do a search for "crayon wallets".

So let's get down to it. This morning we did a drawing the low-tech way (which is how I do most things). I wrote down each entrant on a little paper, plus an extra for each tweet, facebook or blog post. And the winners are:

So congrats, and I'll be mailing your crayon wallets today!

Later today I'll be posting the tutorial for the bag to go with the "fun fruit". Yay!

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rachel whetzel said...

Don't forget!! New laws don't say you can't make things and sell them to GROWN UPS. :) I have a note in my etsy store saying I can't RECOMEND my items for anyone under 12, and to choose purchases accordingly. :P My way around the stupid law.