Friday, July 25, 2008

a toddler's-eye view

Lately Lydia has taken an interest in the camera. She can turn it on, and knows which button to push to take a picture. She usually gets her fingers in front of the lens, and you can't see anything. But when she actually takes a picture, I find it interesting to see what she deems worthy subject matter.

Lizi and Mommy on the porch

Mommy's feet

Lydia's feet

The cat trying to get the camera string

Morning glory leaf in the garden

Cup of milk

Mommy's hand, and she's probably saying "Mommy, can we play Dora?"


Sarah said...

It's a study in feet (and paw)! (Lydia's are so precious. I love her little Mary Janes!)

Kim Payne said...

Of course - why didn't I catch that? Yes, the shoes were Lizi's once... *sigh*