Sunday, July 6, 2008

Seventeen is a good number...

...but I'm glad it's not the last number! As you may have read on Chad's blog, we were married 17 years ago today. So I thought it the perfect occasion to write out 17 of the billion reasons I love this man:

1. That he loves me whether the dishes, laundry or house is clean or not. (Even though he'd rather have them clean.)
2. That he always encourages me to pursue whatever dream I have, no matter how crazy.
3. Our two precious girls, who would not be just who they are without him.
4. That he is such a doting daddy.
5. That we speak in a sort of code to each other, a mix of movie lines and things our babies say, or said.
6. That, knowing how much I love thistles, he took up a shovel and rescued one that was about to be mowed to bring it home to me. Without gloves!
7. That he pays enough attention to me to know I love thistles, and why.
8. That he has more integrity than any man I have ever known.
9. That he laughs at my "corny" jokes.
10. That he keeps putting links to my blog on his, like he thinks it's worth reading or something!
11. That he is so patient and kind to me.
12. That he never makes me feel bad for buying MORE yarn or fabric.
13. That he helps me when I need to rescue furniture or whatever from the side of the road, dumpster, etc.
14. That he has figured out that I am just plain stubborn, and if he just keeps quiet I'll change my mind on my own, bless his heart.
15. That he genuinely cares for people and wants to help them.
16. That he works hard to provide for us, so that I can stay home with our girls.
17. That, after 17 years, I would rather spend time with him than anyone. As I said, I'm glad there are lots more numbers after 17. I love you, Chad, and I hope that together we see them all!

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