Monday, July 14, 2008

Party: Goody bags

As promised, here are some more party things we've been working on.

These are our fabric goody bags. They will be tied with a ribbon at the top. My hope is that these will be reused in ways only children can find to use them. The babies get the Mother Goose print, and the older kids get the variety of fabrics. I got the idea from the Martha Stewart website.

These are our tic-tac-toe sets to go in the goody bags. They are little drawstring bags with the grid drawn on the front, and the pieces are those flat marble things in two different colors.

This litter of kittens will go in the baby goody bags, with a few extra for moms who don't want their kids to have the marbles.

Also in the bags will be a box of Cracker Jacks and a Yummy Earth lollipop.


Sharon said...

Oh...Ohh... Ohhh
I want one! I want one! :0)

Sarah said...

You're the best mama, ever! I'm so sorry I won't get to be there ... it's gonna be wonderful, I know.