Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Party: Decorations

Here's something I made to decorate for the party. I was going to make it out of fabric, but 1) I was running low on fabric scraps; and 2) scrapbook paper was half price at Hobby Lobby this week. So scrapbook paper it was. I cut the triangles out with a straight edge and a utility knife, then stitched them on to some old seam binding and bias tape I knew I would never use otherwise. I was very pleased with how it turned out, and it was very quick to make. I spent $2.50 total on it, and I have about 10 yards of this stuff!

The other decorations will be helium balloons, gingham fabric tablecloths, and maybe some wildflowers in Mason jars.

This is a label from a package of bias tape I used. I just love looking at these things. Especially where they always say something like "Does Your Child Sew?" This one says to send three labels and a dime to cover postage, and they will send "a generous package of clippings" suitable for trimming doll clothes and small projects. The newer packages still have a similar offer, but obviously the postage is a lot more, and they no longer ask if your child sews. How sad.

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