Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garden update

We will return to our regularly scheduled party programming after this quick garden update.
Looks like I need to buy more canning jars.

It seems that the seeds I threw out there just as experiments have been the most fun. This is ornamental corn, and it's so petite and colorful compared to the yellow corn.

The one sunflower that did well.

How about this guy? I don't think I've ever weeded a mushroom before.

Buried treasure

Busy buzzy garden helpers! Given the plight of honey bees, I was so happy to see these guys! They showed up when the corn put out tassels, and it seems there are more every day.


Sarah said...

Wow, your garden did really well, Kim! (Lotsa squash! -laffin')
I used to have a burning desire to be a beekeeper, but I'm scared of bees - not a good combo. What are the sweet little pink blooms in the flower section?

Kim Payne said...

You know, I've thought I would love to keep bees when Lydia is older. I am afraid of them too, but with the right equipment you're fairly safe, I think. The ones in my garden are so docile, even when they are disturbed.

I don't really know what those flowers are - Lydia chose them for me. They are similar to moss roses, but I don't think they are. We put them where the lettuce used to be, when it got too hot for it. There were bees around the flowers we chose while at the garden store, so I figured they would lure some beneficial insects to our garden.