Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party: Grand finally

So if you're tired of reading about our old-fashioned birthday party preparations, this is your lucky day. The party was Friday night, and it was fun! Unfortunately, I failed to get photos of the adults with the hula hoops, but here's some photos I did get (click on them if you'd like a better view):

Our party room - tables for eating in the front, game tables in the back.

Our homemade party hats and goody bags

The average table for eating, with flowers and toys! By the way, I learned that my uncle Buck can make a mean Jacob's Ladder with those strings.

Lydia enjoying the pool

Lizi with cousin Amanda in the pool

Drinks - lemonade, and bottled cokes, on ice, in a washtub. (I failed to account for the condensation on the outside of the washtub and there was water everywhere - I guess that's why coolers were invented!)

Our yummy birthday cake - strawberry shortcake cupcakes! Sponge cake in the bottom, sweetened strawberries on top of that, and real whipped cream on top.

Lizi and Lydia at their "un-gift" table - last year and this year, rather than asking for gifts, they request school supplies to be donated to foster children through Kids to Love.

Blowing out the candles - 11 for Lizi, 3 for Lydia! And yes, that's a tin of Charles Chips beside them - how great is that!

The school supplies, after sorting and counting - not bad! For reference, that's 31 one-subject notebooks and 25 packs of filler paper.


Sharon said...

I'm curious... What is Charles Chips? Never heard of them/it/whatever it is. :0)

Kim Payne said...

Charles Chips is a brand of potato chips started in 1942. They were sold in a gold and brown tin, and were also available for home delivery. I don't know if I ever ate them when I was little, but I remember my grandmother having the tins and keeping things in them. My in-laws found this one at Cracker Barrel, but you can also buy the chips online from several places. (I panicked for a minute there - I was afraid it was a Southern thing, and you wouldn't understand! But I see on Wikipedia that they are from Pennsylvania.)

Sarah said...

When I was little, it was a big treat for Daddy to bring them home, because they were more expensive than the other kind. (And we couldn't even afford the OTHER kind. -laffin) Somebody would come by where Daddy works and sell them off the truck. Mama got him to keep buying enough until she had another for canisters for flour, sugar and meal. (Ron wrote on the pieces of masking tape that were stuck on the lids to reveal what was kept inside.) I don't know where they are now.

You made a lovely party for your girls. And I'm impressed with Uncle Buck! I could never do Jacob's Ladder ... it's really difficult. I can only do cup and saucer, witch's broom and crow's feet. (You should be a professional party planner.)

Kim Payne said...

I was thinking maybe she used them for canisters! She may still be using them. If not, they probably have flowers planted in them or something.

I told Buck I knew how to do Jacob's Ladder for about 5 minutes when I was in elementary school. He tried to teach me again, but I just couldn't get it.

Professional party planner? I think it would do me in. :-D