Tuesday, May 4, 2010

yet another thrift store find

In case you hadn't noticed, I've had opportunity to go to the thrift store a few times lately. This time, I found some yarn! About 3 2/3 skeins of Reynolds Courant, which I had never heard of, for 99 cents. It's 73% viscose, 27% linen. Interesting, right? I can find lots of appropriate patterns for bags and such, but what I'm really hoping is that there's enough to make a small shawl.

The needles will need to be circular, because the number of stitches increases exponentially when knitting a shawl. And the needle size will need to be a bit bigger than the size 8 the label calls for, if I have any hope of making a shawl from what I have here. So I pull out my three largest all-time favorite vintage Susan Bates Circlon needles. My aunt Karina, who taught me to knit, gave me a few pair; I also snap them up if I see them on Ebay or Etsy. They are not too smooth, not too "grabby," not too pointy, not too blunt. The biggest one here may be a bit large; the smallest one, a bit small; I think the medium one will be juuuuust right.
Boy, I hope this works. I'm liking this steely blue-gray color with denim - you think?
What do you think, helper kitty? Helper kitty?
I had an idea in my head for the pattern, and was about to try and write it out. Luckily, I found this one, and it saved me the trouble. Honestly, I think the stitch pattern will show up better in this yarn. So let's give it a try, shall we? It's a nice day here on the back porch, so I think I'll sit and knit a while.
Hello! Coffee and chocolate - how did that get there? ;)
Ah, yes. I like how this is turning out. Very much. But I'm getting annoyed flipping from one page to the other to keep up with the pattern, so I think I'll scribble the main repeat on a card.
Aaaand my helper kitty has completely passed out under my bench. Hard to find good help these days.


Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

I am a thrift store junkie. Be careful; treasures can accumulate quickly!
Loved the blog; been missing you.

Kim said...

I know that's right! The trick is to keep Lydia from buying too many toys, and Lizi too many books!

And I am sorry about my absence of late - it's been… interesting here lately, and a break became necessary. Hopefully I'm back at it now!

Amy said...

Beautiful, Kim! Can't wait to see the finished product!

bevq said...

I LOVE finding yarn at thrift shops and yard sales!
Hey! And thanks for posting a link to my website, (bevscountrycottage.com)I really appreciate that.

Make it a GREAT day!!

Kim said...

Amy - Thanks! I'll have to post a photo of the growing shawl. I like it a lot.

Bev - You are most welcome! I've visited your site for years; of course I had to include a link when I started the blog. :)