Friday, May 21, 2010

the difference a day makes

Every year, I do a post on the date of my uncle Ron's death. It's my way to mark the day, to remember and honor him. He died three years ago tomorrow.

But this year, I think I'll do it a little differently. Instead of posting on the day of his death, I'm posting on his birthday, which is today. Since he is my daddy's twin, it's daddy's birthday too; so I'm eating a piece of cake for Ron as well. It just seems more appropriate to me right now not to mark the day we lost him, but rather celebrate that the world was able to hold on to such an extraordinary person for nearly 60 years.

I miss you, Ronnie. And I'm glad you were born.


Amy said...

I think it's fitting to remember his birthday.

(((Hugs))) to you, Kim.

Kim said...

Thanks, Amy. :)

Anonymous said...

He was blessed to have you too. You are a special lady.

Kim said...

:) thanks, Dad.