Sunday, May 30, 2010

caution: mommy at work

First Friday is coming up, so I took advantage of a little time alone this afternoon to do some sewing. My big seller last time was headbands, so I decided to restock those.

First off - tunes. I have to listen to Mortal while Lydia is gone, or she says snide things like "Is it… music??" Pfft. What do 4 year olds know about music? Might switch to watching Lord of the Rings in a bit, though, because this blog post got me to thinking of it….

I am often amused by the incongruous conglomeration of items that finds its way to my sewing table. There's the usual pins, scissors, measuring implements… and of course coffee… and glue… and a lantern, because it's storming outside and if the power goes out it's black as pitch in the basement… yeah, I need to tidy up a bit.

Tubes that will soon be headbands - I slide my wooden yardstick through them to press the seams… because I walk on the wild side.

And a pile of headbands ready to be pressed and put in the basket.

Okay, that's enough of a break. Back at it!


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Mortal? Never heard. :-)

I've also never seen LOTR. And yes, I am an "English person."

I'm behind.

Kim said...

Okay, for the uninitiated, Mortal is a long-gone industrial rock band (Christian). The CD pictured is called Fathom, from 1987, and IMHO their best.

But AMY! You've never seen LOTR?? Surely you've read it? I just think it's a gorgeous movie, pure eye candy. There are those among us who DON'T LIKE IT, though, and you know who you are… ;)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Okay, Mortal I've still never heard of. Of course, in 1987 I was deep into my Southern Gospel roots, so there you have it. ;-)

I tried to read The Hobbit once (or twice, maybe--I think I tried to listen to it in audio and all of the chanting in the beginning put me off) but I definitely have it on my long-range TBR list. One day I'll get to it!

Given Tolkien's relationship with CS Lewis, I have to like him, even if I don't "know" him. :-)

And one day I'll watch the movies, but I always think I want to read the books first.

sarahmch said...

Please explain the amazing and colorful lampshade.

Kim said...

It is quite a lampshade - I think it needs a post all its own. Stay tuned. ;)