Sunday, April 18, 2010

vintage finds #2

As promised, here's the second installment of my good vintage fortune over the past week. During a visit to the thrift store the other day, I rescued this bag from the bottom of the craft bin. $1.98.

Inside were all these wonderful trims! The standard rickrack, of course, but some unusual color patterns and some labels I've never seen before. (You know how I love the labels.) And the tapes and ribbons with patterns woven in - what a find! Some look to be really old, but in good condition.
I love this one, but look what it's wrapped around - a great old needle card!
I've often wondered what would happen if I wrote away for one of these offers, and included my ten cents postage. I mean, there's no ending date, right??
There were, of course, lots of bias tape and hem tape. In the days before sergers, these were necessary to keep seam allowances from fraying. This was a new one on me, though: bias tape, packaged in a little box, with 2 tiny wooden spools of matching thread!
A few laces and ribbons, too. This lace was one of my main reasons for buying the bag. It's been removed from something, and has buttons, either from the same garment or planned for a new one, attached. Waste not, want not! It's nice, strong, heavy lace and in great shape.
This was also new to me: some of the ribbons were bound with a metallic label, and the layers were separated with cellophane. Hm.
If you've read this far, you must have some interest in vintage trims. Here's the sad part of the story - some of the trims have rust spots from pins. So I beg of you: go to your great grandmother, or great aunt, or whomever you stand to inherit vintage trims from someday. Ask if you can help them "organize" their stash, and as you do, replace the cheap pins with the kind that won't rust!!!
(Or, if you're still reading, you may have no interest in trims at all. You might just be my friend, for which I am thankful!!)


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Interested AND your friend. How's that? :-)

Although I don't sew (much), I have been known to occasionally put ribbon or rick-rack on a scrapbook page. :-) I just like pretty things.

What a find, Kim! :-)

Jenny said...

You had me at vintage sewing supplies! What a great find! I picked up an antique handmade sewing box and a couple yards of vintage Holly Hobby fabric last week at our local antique mall. My husband's reaction was, "I could have made that for you." He didn't get that it wouldn't be the same if it was new and missing the already loved air that it came with.

Kim said...

Amy - Yes, that's the best! :)

Jenny - Sometimes they just don't get it, do they? Luckily, in most cases, that's not why we keep 'em around. ;)

Karen said...

Wonderful find! Try 'Wink" to remove the rust stains.

Kim said...

Oh! Thank you, Karen! I'll look for that. :)