Thursday, April 1, 2010

*sigh of relief*

The blouse and scarf are finished, the hoodie hem is no longer "floopy," and Lizi's Easter ensemble is finally complete!
We were uncertain what to do to decorate the scarf - the Putumayo shirt has screen printing there. But my girl found the awesome monogram iron-on at Hobby Lobby. Good eye! It's even velvet-y.

Here's the front view:
And the back:
Egad, that's a lot of ruffles. And I hope she doesn't burn up in it. The one Easter that I make a long-sleeve dress, it's supposed to be sunny and 81 degrees! (And this is not our final answer on hairstyle, by the way.)


5orangepotatoes said...

Absolutely amazing! I love the colors and the ruffles.


Amy said...

Wow! That's amazing, Kim! She looks gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

Are we sure you are my daughter? That is awesome AND it is 3 days before Easter! YOU ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful on a beautiful young lady!!!!!!

Megan said...

That outfit is incredible! Great work!

Sarah said...

What a special, fabulous dress! And what a lovely girl to wear it. (And what an awesome mom who made them both!)

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Kim, that ensemble looks amazing! You're very clever.

Happy Easter to you.

maya said...

completely wonderful!!! it's gorgeous!

you're both awesome!