Friday, April 16, 2010

vintage finds #1

We had the cause and opportunity to visit the library a few days ago. And a trip to the library often means a trip to the library's used book store. They have a sewing and craft section that supports my vintage needlework book habit.

On this particular visit, I only had $6 in my pocket, so we had to make some tough choices. This one almost didn't make the cut, but I'm so glad it did! My first thought was that it could replace my other, larger, more delicate stitch reference books. It would easily fit in my knitting bag. Seemed like a good use of $1.

Later, as I had the opportunity to examine it more closely, I saw what an amazing reference it is! I wanted to find another copy for my friend Maya, so I started checking around on the internet. I was amazed - all the copies I could find were $42-100!

1. This one will be going on the shelf, not in the knitting bag;
2. Maya, I love you, but you're getting photocopies of interesting pages; and
3. I totally ripped off the Friends of the Library bookstore. Sorry!

(Did you notice the #1 in the title? hee hee - there's more later!)


maya said...

i'm so jealous!!!

& i don't think our library has a used book store, just a once a year sale.

& i'm never as lucky as you to find these things!

but you'd get more use from it than i would, so i'm glad you found it. :)

you're so sweet.

Amy said...

I love it, Kim! I LOVE our library bookstore! Once I found a Bible story book I was searching for there, but unfortunately, I didn't have cash with me to pay for it. The lady said she would hold it, but someone else (I assume) put it back out and it sold, of course. I was soooooo upset! (Can you tell?)