Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it's alive!!

So far it's just a green haze over the top of the hay, but it's little baby GRASS! Remember the yard work last fall? Well, a very wet, cold winter set in before it could be finished. Just last week it finally dried out enough for our very talented and generous guy with a tractor to come and smooth it out. We spread grass seed and hay, and prayed it would take root before too much more rain. Lo and behold, it did!

Here's the front yard:
And the back (no pile!!):
Here's the beginning of the garden, in its new home. It's hard to tell, but there are little baby strawberry plants in this square.
The sugar snap peas have not done well - old seed. Only about half of them sprouted. Oh well, better luck next year, and we'll enjoy what we have.


Anonymous said...

WOW, looking good !!!! and just a few days too.
Going to have to make sure the mower is in good working order. lol

Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

You have come a long way on the yard!

Sarah said...

Chia yard!