Saturday, January 23, 2010

a little gardening

I'm a little late, compared to last year, but the sugar snap pea seeds are planted. Due to the yard work we've done recently, the permanent garden is being moved and isn't ready yet. I needed a little space to plant the peas right away, though, so here's our solution.

If there's anything we have in abundance here, for free, it's logs. We have found many uses for them. The look is a bit more rustic than I'd like, but, did I mention they were free? So, here's two logs laid side by side, with a couple of bricks at each end. Fill with potting soil, and there's a nice row for peas! They will need some supports to grow up on, but we'll get to that later.
Peas need a fence, to keep out hungry bunnies and mischievous kitties. Here's a trick I figured out last year for supports. I took some PVC pipe we had lying around, cut it to the length I needed, and drilled two holes all the way through the end of each piece.
Put a nail through each hole (all the way through) and hammer it into the log.
Then wrap the whole thing with chicken wire and staple to the logs. Tie it at the top of the PVC posts as needed.
This little fence will be sufficient to keep the bunnies out. But will it be enough to keep out the most voracious sugar snap pea eater of all? ;)
(And just so you know, we put some seeds out in another place so the bunnies could have some too.)


maya | springtree road said...

lucky little bunnies! :)

Amy said...

my girls like to eat sugar snap peas straight off the vine, too.