Monday, January 18, 2010

bead/button tray

Out on the porch this afternoon, for a little helpful craft project. We have lots of buttons, beads, and other small items stored in ziploc-type bags. When we need to use them, we sometimes dump them out in a box lid or something, but it's always a pain to get them back into the bag without spilling. Yes, I am aware that there are trays for sale that have a funnel-type thing on one end; but you know what a cheapskate I am.

So here's my solution. Take a jug of any kind, with sort of flat sides. Could be a milk jug, detergent bottle, anything that's the size you need and is wide and flat enough to not tip over when it's full.

Using care and common sense to not hurt yourself, use your favorite cutting implement and cut your jug in half, beginning and ending at the top. (You can see Bilbo is very interested in this project.)
And here's our two halves. I chose not to use the side with the handle as buttons might get stuck inside it, but you could theoretically have two trays from one bottle. You might want to trim away part of the neck, or at least round off any sharp corners.
So let's try it out. Ah, the infamous Perler beads:
Check it out! I can pour with one hand, take a photo with the other hand, and not spill any beads!
And my assistant takes her break. ;)


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

No, not cheap--resourceful!

I love it!

maya | springtree road said...

great idea! you're so crafty. :)