Monday, January 4, 2010

yummy, and pretty!

My poor muscadine vines did not do well last summer. From what I hear, it just wasn't a good year for muscadines all around. I so wanted to make some muscadine jelly, but we had only a few handfuls.

When we visited my aunt a few months ago, she gave us a bag of scuppernongs she bought at the farmer's market. Suddenly, we were saved! We made jelly with her scuppernongs, together with our muscadines, just enough for one jar for her and one jar for us. But it was yummy.

We had some other jelly that needed to be used first, but finally opened the jar this morning. I just had to try to show you the COLOR of this stuff - sadly, my photography skills are lacking, but it's just so gorgeous in real life!

And here's hoping the vines do better this year - long live muscadine jelly!

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maya | springtree road said...

wait a minute - you didn't make enough for me?