Monday, November 23, 2009

what a difference a weekend makes!

See this nice, flat dirt? That's where the "pile" used to be! The guys burned what would burn, and dug a huge hole and buried the rest.
No dead or dying pines around the power lines!
Lots of logs to mill and use for building things!
One small casualty: the strawberry bed kinda got accidentally squashed. But that's okay. One of our guys gathered up the plants, and they can be transplanted to the back yard with all the other berries. (Maybe there, I won't be forgetting to check them all the time!)Poor Bilbo is still very unsure of the whole affair. There have been many unfamiliar hoomins with noisy things on his turf, and they took away his chipmunk hunting playground. But he'll be okay. ;)

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Amy said...

Looking good, Kim!

I awarded you the Superior Scribbler Award on my blog. Go here to read about it--->