Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Introducing a new endeavor!

When I first heard of the CPSIA one year ago, I had a feeling it would be the end of crafting as I knew it. What I did not suspect was that in trying to make sense of it all, and in fighting the senselessness of it, I would find myself among a really great group of people! I count the friends I made as the bright spot in the whole affair. Though most of them had much more to lose than I, we shared a common problem. Some have found ways to work with the new requirements; some, like me, have gone on to other things.

One of those friends is the clever mind behind Whimsical Walney. She has served as a great source of information about CPSIA. But the need to create finally won out, and caused her to try something new - workout towels, with witty or inspiring sayings! I think they are great; they speak to me because of Chad's journey through weight loss and strength training this year. They would make a great Christmas gift for the "gym rat" in your life. And I know they are good quality, because she does everything with excellence.

Please visit "Words to Sweat By" to see them all!

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Whimsical Walney said...

You are a constant source of valuable support. Thank you for everything.