Monday, November 30, 2009

do this today!

Once again this year, I waited far too late to make and fill a handmade, extravagant Advent calendar for the girls.

But lucky for me I did run across this printable Advent calendar from Mibo! If I can't do "handmade and extravagant", I'll settle for "adorable and free"! Found via How About Orange, which is pretty adorable itself.
Here's me, cutting the little doors on our copies. I printed the calendar pages on cardstock and used a utility knife to cut the doors. I started out using a ruler, but after a while decided I could do better without it. That's my supervisor, sitting there in my lap. ;)
Lydia can't wait to start opening the little doors tomorrow!


maya | springtree road said...

i printed it on regular paper. need to redo. if i can find some card stock.


& i'm late as usual.

Sarah said...

That turned out SO well! Very cool.

You're such a better mother than I am. We always did the kind from the Dollar Store that gives a piece of CHOCOLATE every day. (Which brings up the question ... Is 49 too old for an advent calendar?)

Kim said...

Well, we did the chocolate variety years ago, but now it's hard to find an all-natural one. If I ever make one with little pockets, you can bet there will be some chocolate in there!!

And shoot yeah, go get you an advent calendar! (I was tempted to print out one of these for myself!)