Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you ever not liked how something turned out, and know it's gonna bug you if you don't go back and fix it? Yeah, I'm there right now. Here's Lizi's hoodie to go with her Easter outfit. It's all finished, but the ribbon at the hem didn't turn out right. The knit stretched as I was sewing it on, and now it's all, you know, "floopy" (is that a word?) In other words, it sticks out and looks too big. It even stretched so much that it mostly pulled the gathers out of the ruffle. So I'm going to take it off and try to get it to go on without stretching this time.

In the plus column, though, other than that we think it turned out cute. This shouldn't take long to fix, and the blouse is nearly done. And it's still six days before Easter!


Charlotte said...

I can't see!!! :( I wanna see!!!

Charlotte said...

Oh. Okay I can see now :)
It is beautiful!!!!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

That's a really cute hoodie!

(Yes, I know the feeling of needing to go back and fix something cos its bugging me. I have been wearing a knit skirt for two weeks, that I haven't hemmed. Um, maybe not a misatke so much as laziness!)

Kim said...

Charlotte - Sorry, Blogger was giving me problems with photos earlier today! Hopefully fixed now. Glad you like it!

Liesl - Thank you! And I can relate - I have skirts I've worn for years with safety pins where proper sewing ought to be.

Amy said...

You've got skills, Kim! :-) (Or should that be skillz?)

Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

I don't know if I've ever made anything (especially quilts) without taking something out!