Friday, March 26, 2010

one down, one to go

I decided to take a short break from Lizi's Easter ensemble to make Lydia's dress. I thought it would be a load off my mind to have one done, and here it is - pressed, now hanging in the closet, ready to go!

Lydia picked the purple Kona cotton at the store. Then we looked at ribbon for a hair bow, and found one the same purple color with a tiny trim on the edges in a BRIGHT green. Of course, then we had to find a trim in the same color green to go on the dress.

I hand embroidered the flowers and little circles on the front. The neck, sleeves and hem are trimmed in white Kona cotton, along with the bright green trim. I feel a little guilty that I'm spending so much more time on Lizi's dress, but a) Lydia loves her dress, and that's what counts; and b) I wanted Lizi to have a very un-lame dress for her thirteenth Easter.
And here's the requisite ginormous hairbow - we do live in the South, after all - in the ribbon that inspired the color combination.


Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing young lady, and Mom. You do so much for your girls, they are very blessed to have you as a mother. Your husband is blessed as well.

Kim said...

Thanks, Dad! :)

Sarah said...

Oh Kim! It's lovely! And my favorite favorite color in the world! Can't wait to see Lydia in the dress! Take lotsa pictures on Easter!

Love you! You're such a fabulous mom.

Amy said...

Beautiful, Kim! Thanks for sharing this. Your hard work will pay off when you see your girls in their finery on Easter morning! :-)