Monday, March 8, 2010

late to the party

To all of you who have nagged, poked, prodded, and cajoled:

I have been assimilated.

I have conformed.

I am part of the flock. Baaa.

I am on facebook. Kim Payne, if you can find me. Happy?

** Update** - never mind. The last thing I need is one more thing to keep up with on the computer, so I deactivated the facebook account.

In other news, the First Fridays event was very cold, but turnout was actually better than I expected. Hoping for some good things to happen there this year. But now that this one's over, I've got to get busy sewing Easter dresses for my girls!!


Amy said...

I just "spy" through my husband's account (or at least that's what my sister says). I don't need ANOTHER online "job"! I'm with you, Kim!

Charlotte said...

great Amy! If you agree with her now I'll never get her back. Ha ha--just kidding.

Kim said...

hee hee - y'all know I read these comments, right? ;)

Charlotte said...

ooops! busted!

Amy said...