Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my littlest seamstress

We have an old, castoff foam mat that the cats like to sleep on. Every now and then, I'll throw it in the washing machine. This time, however, the foam was hopelessly bunched and I had to take out the stitching on one end to straighten it out.

I was about to sew it back up, and Lydia came over to help - she normally likes to pull the needle for me once I've made a stitch. She pulled the thread nice and taut the first time, then wanted to make the next stitch herself. I told her to go for it - after all, I didn't think the cats would care how it looks.
I held the edges for her, and she stitched and stitched until she got all the way across!
She was very pleased with herself, and rightly so. (Never mind the spaghetti sauce on the face.) And mama was pretty proud, too. ;)
And Bilbo seems to approve, as well.


Charlotte said...

Awesome job Lydia!!! Nana is SO proud of you!

Sew Blessed Pillows said...

That is great! My fondest memories of my mother are the times she spent teaching me to sew. Keep up the good work Lydia and Kim. Looks like the cat is loving it too!
Jenny Johns

Amy said...

Well, I should say so!!!

She's ahead of me now. :-)