Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas gift quandry

Lydia loves the television show Team UmiZoomi. It is adorable, and she's learned a lot of math from watching it.

The problem? She wants a set of dolls that look like Team UmiZoomi for Christmas, and there are none to be found. I've not been able to find a single toy with that theme.

So I guess I'll have to make them myself. Just in case someone else is in a similar pickle, I thought I'd share what I've found. (Note: I am not suggesting that anyone make Team UmiZoomi toys to sell, lest the wrath of Nickelodeon fall upon you! I am talking about making dolls for your own child or other family member, here.)

For Milli and Geo, there are several options. Bit of Whimsy's Doodle Girl and Buddy Boy could be adapted. A couple of the free patterns on Runo's website could also be adapted, especially the mini doll. (Don't let the clothes fool you - look at the pattern!)

If you crochet, you might try this pattern by K and J dolls, leaving off the petals, wings, etc and just using the basic doll body. Or Owlishly has several patterns that could work, like this one - just leave off the ears? (While you're in their shops, look around at all the other cuteness too!)

As for Bot, I guess we're on our own...

See the finished Milli doll here!

And finished Geo and Bot!

Here's a thought about a Bot pattern - Bit of Whimsy's B-movie monster has the basic shape, just move the eyes, add a belly screen, and change the hands and feet.

Update:  I am so flattered by the requests I have received to make sets of Team UmiZoomi dolls.  Even though it breaks my heart, I turn down these requests due to copyright issues, CPSIA red tape, and lack of time.  My purpose in writing these posts was to gather information, so that we parents could try and fill the gap Nickelodeon has left for us.  I continually refer people to the first and second posts in this series for sewing and crochet pattern ideas.  Hope that helps!


maya said...

Well I know for a 100% fact, that if anyone can do it, you can. :)


Lorena said...

have you made the dolls already? could you show pictures?I have the exact same problem but i just thought of making themmyself today.. too close to X-mass!!!

Kim said...

Lorena - No, I've not started them yet, but I'm about to! I've had to finish some other gifts first. I'll show some photos as I get them done.

And thanks for the vote of confidence, Maya! :)

Jessica in Montana said...

I found some official Team UmiZoomi dolls!!!! First, these ones you’ve made are so awesome! You’re super talented. I am working on some dolls for my daughter inspired by yours, but I have been uber stressed because I'm no expert ( her grammy usually handles these types of projects, but we recently moved 1100 miles away for work!) & I really want them to be special for her so I’m taking FOREVER. Anyway, my husband happened across a set of dolls (Milli, Geo & Bot, all Nickelodeon licensed) on eBay from a guy named runninny2az (I’m very careful about who I buy from on there, so just an FYI, he has 100% positive reports including on these dolls). They're so cute! A little pricey & not nearly as great as the ones you made, but they will surely work for those who don't have the skill or time to get something done for their wee ones. They will work great for my lil' goblin until I can get my chops in sewing to make her a special set homemade for her.
Also, I had an idea/suggestion for those making them: I couldn’t find the right pattern for Milli’s dress & helmet, so I decided I would make one by sewing lighter pink flowers on a dark pink background to match the show. I am also working on a nighttime outfit (the one she wears to bed with stars & moons) with matching ‘jammies for my daughter & am planning to work on a few other outfits for Milli (like the ducks & frogs, butterflies, etc). Obviously, my ideas FAR outweigh my abilities as of yet, but thankfully, my mom will be visiting soon & I’ll use and abuse her talents. : )Anyway, I thought it would be a nice touch to make some of the pattern pieces removable like the ones on the show – I am thinking of using snaps. That way, baby can pull them off like Milli does. & I thought maybe something like that could be done for Geo’s belt and/or Bot’s belly-belly-belly-screen. Any thoughts or advice appreciated!

Kim said...

Finally! Glad Nickelodeon is getting with the program.

Such ambition, making change-able outfits! And the matching outfits for your daughter would be SO adorable. I figured I could either do changing outfits, or keep them really small, like on the show. I knew the size would be more important to Lydia, so that's what I chose. But every kid is different, and I'm sure she will love being able to change them. Good luck to you (and your mom!)

One idea about Bot's belly screen would be to put a layer of thick, clear plastic over it. Then she could draw pictures and put them in there, like a picture frame. The kind I've used is sold as tablecloth cover, and my Wal-Mart has it by the yard. You'd probably want to reinforce the top edge to keep it from ripping at the top corners, though.

Keep in touch! I wanna see photos! :D