Thursday, November 18, 2010

tasty science

We've been doing some simple science experiments with Lydia this school year - just enough to pique her interest in the subject, since she's only in kindergarten. Today we went outside to focus the power of the sun with a magnifying glass and zap some stuff.

You can't see the smoke in the photo, but the leaf burned pretty well.
Then we moved on to melting chocolate chips. We also discussed the possibility of making s'mores with the sun and a magnifying glass.
Then the sun went behind a cloud, so we just ate the rest. :)


maya said...

too cute!!! you should take that to your homeschool day or something. :)

we would've eaten the rest too!

Charlotte said...

yeah I would have eaten them before they made it to the plate!

Sue said...

This is what I loved about homeschooling. Learning is fun and tasty.