Friday, November 5, 2010

long winter's nap

Tonight will be this fall's first frost, so I've been busy making preparations in the garden today. It seems that we went straight from hot summer to cold winter this year, with only about a week of nice fall weather in between. It was sleeting not far from here today, which is unusual in November.

So the strawberry patch got a nice blanket of hay:

Of course, Bilbo thinks it's his bed. "Thanks, this is nice" he says. That's okay, he can stay there a while. Sadly, our little kitten Frodo died a few days ago, and we all miss him terribly. So we've tried to be extra nice to Bilbo so he won't seem so lonely. (But when he starts asking me to deliver his canned food to his hay-bed in the garden, we'll have to have a talk.)

Here's the last of the vegetables. My peppers always start doing well right when it's time for a frost. I covered the pepper and tomato plants that still had tiny fruit, but I don't look for them to do much at this point.

The little patch of marigolds has been such a happy sight this year - I'll miss them.

On a happier note, though, I planted a fall crop of snow peas, and they are coming up nice and strong.

Sleep tight, little garden. Dream of lots of strawberries and tomatoes and peppers next year. :)


maya said...

poor bilbo. & poor you guys. :(

the garden & veggies look great, though. i'm sure next year i'll be begging you for some strawberry jam. :)


Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

Been missing your blogs. We haven't had tomatoes for a long time--the intense summer heat just burned them up. Our only survivors were hot peppers! Your strawberry patch looks good.

Sarah said...

I just love his little tufted ears. I'm sorry 'bout the other kitty. :(