Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage cuteness x 4

*sigh of relief* They're done.

When I worked in alterations and sewing all those years, I could sew all day. One place I worked, I even took work home and sewed at night too.

But that was then. I don't know if I'm out of practice, or forgot how long things take, or what, but I'm tired. I put off all the housework I could and worked every spare minute on these things since Sunday afternoon, until this morning. I was in a rush to get them into the shop, because they are red, white and blue, and July 4 is coming up. I even had a dream last night that all these little tops and dresses suddenly had huge mouths with sharp, gnashing teeth ready to eat me. Time to let up a little, eh? But they're done now, and I'd really like them to sell. And I'd also like clean dishes and laundry. All that said, though, it's good to be back to more sewing again, though I still love to knit and crochet.

Anyway, meet my new friend Samantha! Here's her website, where you can see her blog and the patterns and books she has to sell. Crochet into entredeux - genius!


Sarah said...

They're beautiful! I had no idea you had that much fabric. Good luck! I just looked at your shop and saw some new things too, since I looked last. I love the "kittehs" and especially, the cute AND cuddly AND sweet little girl. (The stars are cute too.)

Xan said...

those are amazing! i'm way jealous of your awesome fabric score.