Monday, June 2, 2008


That's what Lydia, our 2-year old, said when she saw THIS coming out of the box. We had to buy a new pool this year, after the old one had an unfortunate encounter with the lawnmower. Maybe we will be able to get a bigger one when it's safe for Lydia, but for now, this one does the job. And that's Lizi in the pool too, being a good big sister and helping Lydia have fun.

All the pool toys are a few years old, but still serviceable. For every one I would scrub, blow up and bring to the pool, Lydia would say, "Yook, Mommy, yook! It's brand NEW!" New to her, anyway.

Alas, Lydia pulled the poor cat into the water, and in his scramble to get out, I think he poked a hole in the top ring as it tends to deflate now. Eventually maybe we'll find the little pinhole and repair it.

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Sharon said...

Looks like your girls are having fun!

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