Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mickey Mouse operation

One of Lydia's favorite shows at the moment is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For those of you without preschoolers, this is not the one we grew up with - it's animated. One thing they do at the beginning of every show is that the characters get their "Mousketools". It's usually basic things like a shovel, a glue stick, a ladder, etc, with the occasional baby elephant or pogo stick thrown in. Then during the course of the show, the characters encounter problems, and have to figure out which tool they need and how to use it.

The thought came to me the other day, "How bewildered would we be if, when we wake every morning, we were given all the tools we would need that day?" And on the days that our list of tools is something like: a fire extinguisher, latex gloves, three rolls of duct tape, and a can of peaches.... could we just go back to bed?

Just go on without me - there's no hope. I've seen too much. (Too much Disney Channel, that is.)


Sarah said...

I think this is, perhaps, the funniest and scariest concept I've ever heard. (Sunday, I would have been given a tiny screwdriver and a bandaid -- in that order.)
Thanks for the laugh. Loved this post.

Kim Payne said...

And from a KID'S SHOW, no less! How scary is that?