Thursday, June 19, 2008

The canning bug

Here's what Lizi and I did yesterday. I had never tried making jelly or canning anything. But we had more wild plums than we could eat before they spoiled, so we figured out right quick how to do it. The color is so lovely, it almost moves me to tears. And it tastes really good, too! Here's the recipe, if you happen to have some plums lying around.

We had such a good time doing it, I'm looking around thinking "Hmmmm... what else can I can?" I want a real canner now, with the rack and all.


Sharon said...

Looks good. Here's an idea... if Chad can blog about "birthday gift ideas", then maybe you should too! LOL

Kim Payne said...

Hey, Sharon - what's good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

Sarah said...

What beautiful jelly! It's so clear -- the mark of a good job. Mama used to boil down plums for their juice and then make some really tart and sweet cobbler with it. It was amazingly good. She froze juice too, for that purpose.

Kim Payne said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'll have to tell Mama about that - she says the plum trees are drooping they are so full of plums.