Monday, January 3, 2011

new student

We are back to homeschool today, after our vacation for the holidays.  We were fortunate to have a new student in class today - Milli from Team UmiZoomi!  The napkin holder made a nice desk.  She already has mighty math powers, but apparently she needs to brush up on her alphabet.

The snack she brought, though, was a can of "boo-boo cream" from Lydia's animal hospital play set - perhaps I should share some of my snack instead?  ;)

Update:  I am so flattered by the requests I have received to make sets of Team UmiZoomi dolls.  Even though it breaks my heart, I turn down these requests due to copyright issues, CPSIA red tape, and lack of time.  My purpose in writing these posts was to gather information, so that we parents could try and fill the gap Nickelodeon has left for us.  I continually refer people to the first and second posts in this series for sewing and crochet pattern ideas.  Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world, is the world of a child. Looking back on it, kinda makes one hesident to leave it. Life is good at all stages though.

maya said...

ooh, maybe she just forgot her snack but was planning on playing all rough & tumble this afternoon? :)