Friday, December 3, 2010

Jewelry gift card

So our homeschool group's Christmas banquet is this evening.  I made these tatted pendant and earring sets for the other moms, and I've been puzzled as to the best way to wrap them.  I didn't want them completely enclosed, because I wanted everyone to be able to choose a color they like.  And attaching them to a plain card seemed too unceremonious.

So here's my solution.  I made tri-fold cards, two to a page, with "Merry Christmas" printed on the front. I punched appropriate holes for the jewelry inside, and there ya go.  The card can be opened so that the colors can be seen, but the earring hooks are not hanging out the back to get bent or caught on anything.

Just in case someone else needs it, here's the page.  You'll need to set your page orientation to landscape, and perhaps tell your printer not to print the headers and footers, if it wants to put extra writing on there.  Print it, cut the paper in half, and fold the cards in thirds.  If you glue or tape the ends, it could also be an envelope for a gift card or folded check.  

Happy Gift-Giving!

(Oh, and see my freshly painted porch railing in the background?  Isn't it great?  It used to look like this!)


Charlotte said...

Awesome! You are just THE sweetest!

Kim said...

Aw, thanks! They all really liked the gifts. :)

Sue said...

What a good idea and how nice of you to bless the ladies.