Thursday, April 9, 2009


Six easy steps to plant a garden:

Appoint guard cat over plants.
Dig up the herbs from last year that you never thought would survive the winter. Put them in pots, because it might restrain the oregano that got bigger than you ever could have imagined. Put pots on back porch so you don't have to run out in a rain shower to cut herbs for supper.
Also dig up weeds, and amend soil a bit.
Have your helper touch up all the places you missed.
Relieve guard cat of duty. Plant.
Water. Done!
At least that's how we do it at our house!

This is: sugar snap peas planted on New Years Day, which are just now beginning to bud; carrots, eggplant, assorted peppers with space left for more (they were out of green bell pepper this morning), and a flat of Better Boy tomatoes (36 plants). Oh, and there's also 3 watermelon plants hidden amongst the peas - my reasoning is that about the time the peas are dying down, the watermelon will just be needing the space.

Did you notice there were no squash?

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