Thursday, January 1, 2009

new beginning

The last few  years, New Years Day has been just like any other day to me.  But this year, I've "felt" it a little more; I've done a little more reflecting, dreaming and maybe even a little course correction.  More on that later.

Today we went outside and did a job I've been dreading, and therefore putting off:  cleaning out the old, dead plants from last year's garden to prepare for new plantings.  We also planted some seeds for sugar snap peas, one of our family favorites.  They should be really sweet this time - each one Lydia planted, she blew it a kiss as she "put it to bed" in the dirt.
A new day, a new planting season, a happy new year.  I hope yours is the same!


Sarah Holcombe said...

I may have to plan my visit around when the sugar snap peas are in ... heh heh.

Heart of a Ready Writer said...

My garden is buried under several inches of white coldness. But it sure looks pretty.

Amazing how a blanket of snow can hide a multitude of sins - or uncultivated garden beds. 8-)

What a spiritual metaphor . . . perhaps.


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