Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a strange measure of prosperity

Have you noticed how new clothes leave a lot of lint in your dryer's lint trap?  Then as they get older, they leave less and less.  If you wear your clothes as many years as I do, there's hardly any at all.  I hope you're not as much of a skinflint as I am - maybe your clothes have never reached that point.  And maybe no one but me notices these things.

A few years ago, we were struggling to get out of debt.  We did without anything we could, which included new clothes unless it was absolutely necessary.  It would make me depressed to check the lint trap after a dryer load, because you would need a microscope to find any lint there.  It came to be so rare that I noticed it; dryer lint made me feel my family was taken care of, provided for, safe.

So you might feel prosperous and protected by the numbers in your bank account.  I would agree, those are nice when  you have them.  But in the daily grind, I have come to enjoy dryer lint.  We found a big sale last night, almost by accident, so I'm rolling in it today!


maya | springtree road said...

wow, kim - i never noticed that before! :)

Kim said...

I should probably point out that synthetic fibers leave less lint in general. But if you have mostly cotton, like us, it really shows up. Likely more info from my fiber geek brain than anyone wanted, but there it is.

Sarah said...

So, for your birthday, Ima gonna send you great riches ... a big ol' bag o'lint. Heh.

Cool post, Kim. I love how you think.