Sunday, April 19, 2009


In some ways, I am thankful for the effects that the CPSIA has had on my own life, though not for business in general. It has made me pay much more attention to politics. It has brought opportunities for involvement in a delightful online group of people I might not have known otherwise. And it has reminded me that, even when I started out on Etsy, I never meant to make toys forever.

But I am a person who has a very hard time with change, especially sudden change. And changing on the fly, in the midst of an already busy life, is nearly impossible to do well. So I am cutting myself some slack and putting the Etsy and Artfire shops on vacation, at least until the end of Lizi's school year and maybe a little longer. Just to give me some time to finalize the plans I have in my head and make some new things. Just wait - it's gonna be cool!

And a nice side effect of that will be a somewhat lower-tech lifestyle for a bit. Sweet.

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