Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying out the blogging thing

Why on earth does a nobody like Kim Payne need a blog?

Well, I've been pondering that for a while. Truth is, I probably don't. But what I would like is a way to share the things that amaze, amuse or appall me. A way to share projects and just stuff that goes on around here. You are welcome to read along and see what it's like to be a knitting, cleaning, cooking, baking, homeschooling mommy and pastor's wife. If it's boring, well - you're the one reading it! ;-) I welcome your comments along the way. And hopefully you will find some sort of inspiration for your own life. But if I can't be a shining example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning, I guess.


Chad said...

Darling, you are my shining example, always. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Lizi said...
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sarahmch said...

You're the somebodiest "nobody" I ever knew.

Thanks for making a blog! I'm lovin' the reading.

(And I especially love the bluebirds of happiness you made.)

Lizi said...

You're not a nobody.

Jenny said...

I am so glad you showed the chemo caps. A friend has breast cancer and they are giving her a hat party and I was going to make one but I don't think I have enough time. Can I buy one from you. Jenny