Wednesday, June 23, 2010

puppies and kittens and birthdays, oh my!

One nice thing about this little break is that I have more time to make birthday gifts for our little friends! This one is made by Bit of Whimsy's Peter Puppy pattern (say THAT five times fast!) And every 6 months or so I run across a fabric and wish I had a magical unending bolt; that retro floral with the green background is my favorite of the moment. It came as a 2-yard cut from Wal-Mart - only 2 yards, I tell you!!

And remember our new kitten, Frodo? He's coming along nicely. At first, he would pounce upon and pick fights with Bilbo, but he seems to be easing off of that just a little bit. And yesterday we were noticing how he's grown in just two weeks' time. The cutest thing to me, though, is that he is becoming a "sewing cat." It's annoying when he wants to play with the fabric I'm working with, but adorable when he curls up on my perpetual piles of fabric and patterns and takes a nap.

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maya said...

cute puppy!! :) what a sweet giftie.