Friday, June 25, 2010

jelly making ahead!

Last year, my poor muscadine vines hardly produced anything. But this year, they seem to be making up for it - the vines hang thick with little clusters like these! Even the vines I feared I lost when we removed some trees from the front yard seem to have survived by spreading elsewhere. They must know how much I love muscadine jelly. :)

Since they grow wild out in the trees, briars and poison oak, I'll have to don the boots, long sleeves and jeans to hunt them down (and try to get to them before the birds). But it's worth it.

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Sarah said...

Hope you get your share! We used to pick muscadines on the riverbanks. (Watch out for yellowjacket nests!) I remember Mama made the most amazing muscadine cobbler ... it was both sweet and tart at the same time.