Monday, February 22, 2010


A storm rolled through last night. I suppose it was the first thunderstorm of the season. The sound of the thunder almost seemed awkward; as if during the long, cold winter the air had forgotten how to make the sound of thunder. It's probably just that it sounds different with the leaves off the trees.

Sometimes when thunderstorms pass by, I think of when my girls were very small and scared of the lightning and thunder.

My first, always so serious and cautious, was petrified of storms. I told her that the sound of the thunder was just those BIIIIGGG, clumsy clouds bumping together, and acted out a funny big clumsy cloud to illustrate. She was never so scared after that, but sometimes would laugh about the "big clumsy clouds."

My second, so alike and so different from the first, is not afraid of much. But storms still make her afraid. I tried the "big clumsy cloud" act with her. Didn't work.

Oh well. I guess sometimes I feel so brilliant, I need to be taken down a notch. ;)


Anonymous said...

And nothing like a child to do just that. LOL

Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

I heard the rumbles, the first birth pangs of spring. Bring it on!