Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I turned 40 in August. At this point, old age has left off "creeping up on me"; it has taken to "pouncing and tackling". Lately my finger joints have been achy and snarky, and it seemed to me that keeping them warm would help.

So yesterday I decided to join the trend and knit up some fingerless mitts. I had some Lion Brand "Homespun" yarn left over from another project. I had no pattern on hand for mitts using bulky yarn, and could not find one on the computer as my access was denied (by 4yo playing on the Nick Jr website). So I made up my own pattern. It's basically a square in garter stitch, with a piece for the thumb on one side. It's a neat trick I learned from another mitten pattern.

I'm not one to keep things on my hands, so learning how to do my normal tasks while wearing them has been a challenge. I've discovered a whole new range of typos I never knew existed. But I was proud of myself for making smoothies for breakfast without a drop on them. And it may be all in my head, but they do seem to be helping my fingers.

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