Wednesday, October 28, 2009

latest craze

I suppose there have been stranger fads. "Silly Bandz" started out as rubber bands, shaped like animals or various other things. They work like ordinary office supplies, but when you remove them from whatever you've 'banded', they return to their original shape.

Then somehow, someone got the bright idea to wear one as a bracelet. And now all the kids are wearing them, to the point that the stores sell out 30 minutes after they restock. Oddly enough, it seems to be a central Alabama thing. (If you don't live here, have you seen them where you are?)

So I suppose we'll be ordering some, as a) I have 2 girls; and b) I very much dislike burnt runs anywhere, especially the mall. Lucky for us, they're not expensive.

If you'd like to join us in being hip and trendy (ha), visit Silly Bandz.

Update: National School Products has all the current styles, offers packs of 12 if you don't need 24, and you can also reserve the new holiday package!! We just placed our order with them - very nice folks. They do have a $25 minimum order, and a service charge if it's less than that; $5 minimum shipping.


Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

At UNA, students are wearing wide rubber bands, not sure if it is the same thing you are talking about. It started when the football team started wearing bands with WWCD (what would a Champion do?)and now everyone's wearing them. As you said, at least, they aren't expensive!

Amy said...

Nope--haven't seen them up here, but I'm sure they'll eventually make their way north!

Sarah said...

I'm so far removed from kids and what's cool, I have no idea what anybody is wearing or doing, anymore. And I've been outta the loop for what girls do, forever :) But it's fun hearing about it from you and yours!