Saturday, August 29, 2009

Revelation of the day

We attended a karate tournament today. Lizi did quite well, considering it was her first one. Of course, I was very proud of her.

The thing that really struck me about the event, though, was the facility where it was held. It was an elementary school; nothing seemed amiss about the neighborhood, the building seemed well kept, and it was in a nicely wooded area.

But I left feeling so insanely blessed that we are able to homeschool, and that I don't have to leave my girls every day at a place where they are greeted by signs like this (in 2 languages, no less):
and then spend their days quite literally behind bars.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing that you are able to homeschool. I admire you and Chad for the way you are raising the girls, and they are showing the fruit of your labor. Be blessed, you are doing some things right.

Lizi said...

I just thought of something-- they had weapons at the tournament. =P